Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

An extraction involves the total and complete removal of a tooth. The tooth may be severely decayed, broken, cracked or loose due to gum disease. Keeping it in the mouth is more detrimental to your oral health than removing it. Likewise, a tooth may pose a risk to your dental health if left in, like an impacted wisdom tooth. We perform all extractions in our office using safe, comfortable methods.

Why is a Tooth Extraction needed?

Tooth extractions are often done when no other treatment is available to save a tooth. We help to maintain proper oral health by offering a variety of treatments, but extractions may be needed when other options have failed. Some reasons you’d need an extraction include:

  • A tooth has cracked or broken below the gum line
  • A tooth is severely decayed
  • A tooth is loose due to gum disease
  • You have one or more impacted wisdom teeth
  • Your child has a stubborn baby tooth
  • You want to avoid the expense and trouble of other treatments
What Is A Tooth Extraction
Why Is A Tooth Extraction Needed

Who is a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

We will perform an examination to determine if you may need an extraction. If you need to have the procedure done, it’s best to come in as soon as possible to prevent further problems to your oral health. Extractions can be done on both pediatric and adult patients as needed. Once the tooth is removed, we can help to provide you with options to replace it, if applicable.

What happens during a Tooth Extraction?

We numb the area with a localized anesthetic. This makes the procedure more comfortable for you while you have it done. We then loosen the tooth using special tools and remove it completely from the mouth. If sutures are needed, we will place them after removing the tooth. You will bite down on a piece of gauze and will be able to leave the office to go home. You can expect some pain and slight swelling for the first day or two after the extraction, and it’s important to follow all post-operative care instructions to prevent complications.

If you think you might benefit from a tooth extraction or want to learn more about the procedure, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient consultation.