Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a type of restoration that is used to fill in areas of decay within one or more teeth. When you have a cavity (tooth decay), the area needs to be cleared of any apparent decay and a tooth-colored filling put into the small hole that was created. Fillings are made to look like your natural tooth, and we can replace older amalgam (metal) fillings as needed. Fillings can last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Why would Dental Fillings be needed?

The main reason you’d need a filling is because you have a cavity. A cavity is a small area of decay in a tooth. Over time, this decay can get worse and eventually lead its way down into the center of the tooth. Before the decay is able to get this bad, it’s removed and a filling placed. The procedure can be done on both adult and pediatric patients who have cavities.

What Are Dental Fillings
Why Would Dental Fillings Be Needed

Who is a candidate for Dental Fillings?

To determine if you need a filling, we will perform a quick and easy exam. This exam involves using a dental instrument to explore each tooth surface to identify areas of decay, which are often soft and “sticky”. Additionally, we may take x-rays to help in further identifying areas of decay that are hard to reach with a normal exam. If you have a cavity, it’s important to have a filling placed as soon as possible to prevent the decay from getting worse.

What happens during the Dental Filling procedure?

The filling procedure involves numbing the area that will be receiving the restoration. We then remove any decay from the tooth. The hole is prepped for the new filling and we color match the material used to your existing tooth color. We then place the composite resin and remove any excess material. The composite resin is cured with a bright light and you’ll be ready to go home. We can place multiple fillings at the same appointment if they’re within the same area of the mouth.

If you suspect that you need a filling, call us today so that we can get you in for a convenient appointment.