<b>What is the T-Scan?</b>
The T-Scan is a revolutionary device that measures the force and pressure between your upper and lower teeth. By measuring the force of your bite, we are able to spot occlusion problems that require treatment. In the past, the only way for us to identify issues with bite was with a small piece of blue contact paper. The T-Scan allows us to measure your occlusion to identify areas where the teeth are sitting incorrectly, causing unnecessary pressure and problems.

<b>Why is the T-Scan needed?</b>
When you have an occlusion problem, you may experience a wide range of different symptoms. For some patients, they grind their teeth regularly because their smile isn’t in alignment. For others, they might have tooth pain, headaches and even TMJ-related discomfort because of how they bite down. The T-Scan doesn’t allow for any guesswork, as it gives us a clear view of where your occlusion issues are located.

<b>Who is a candidate for the T-Scan?</b>
The T-Scan is painless and quick, so it’s ideal for most of our patients. Detection of an occlusion problem using the T-Scan can help when it comes to receiving quick, adequate treatment. The scan itself takes just minutes in our office and provides us with an in-depth view of your dental health. If you are experiencing occlusion problems or we suspect that there is an issue, we will recommend having a T-Scan done.

<b>What happens during the T-Scan</b>
We will sit you comfortably in one of our operatories. We then have you bite down on a thin device that electronically measures the amount of force between your upper and lower teeth. We use this data to help provide you with proper treatment of an occlusion problem. We will provide you with the results from the T-Scan and discuss ways to help improve your dental health. The T-Scan has been used on thousands of patients with wonderful success, and it is a great tool in eliminating issues with TMJ dysfunction, bruxism, tooth pain, dental damage and recurrent headaches.

If you’d like to come into our office to benefit from the T-Scan, call us today so that one of our helpful team members can further assist you.